Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Spare Roomyness!

Well, its the second post, I'm not even sure if anyone in the world read my first one, but hey ho, I'm in work, a bit bored and feeling the urge to blog.

Anyway, in no order what so-ever, the spare room! Now, for ages and ages and ages and ages and ages i have wanted a black and white room. I don't know why, but i just love the simplicity of black and white, plus then as your only technically using one colour, white, it enables you to add splashes of colour to it and for it not to look too rainbow-esque, which isn't bad obviously, but wasn't the look i was going for!

Now the spare room, it needed to serve 3 main purposes. The first one was to house our pet Degu's, Flower and Stumpy, who live in a large, industrial looking cage, which in all honesty, doesn't look that pretty! Next was to house my iMAC, which is obviously white, and third was to house a sofa bed to be used by any passing travellers that wish to crash at my humble abode!

We found some truly luscious wallpaper at B&Q, which I fell in love with, that would cover the wall facing the door, and then a trip to Ikea got me a Grankulla Futon, an Ikea PS cabinet and drawers, and then a Vika Curry desk in black with matching white legs.

That was it really, a few accessories such as a MASSIVE black vase from Habitat and some other bits and bobs and we had the makings of the black and white room.

My first attempt at wallpapering followed and a week down the line, the spare room went from this...

Yeah, complete carnage! Was like this for about a week, and then over a weekend, we finished it off! So it now looks like this! I still need to do a bit of work on it, id like to get a groovy rug, and i need to tidy up the cables and id like to get some more storage, but nothing too big as i like the sort of minimal look of the room! :) Also, ignore the clashing duvet cover, it'll be replaced with a nice white one when i get find one i like!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Number 11...

Welcome to No.11!

Due to no demand at all, and a desire to actually start a blog that I might actually post more than twice on, I thought id do a blog to chart the progress of my little Welsh Victorian terrace house, who’s number is 11!

I’m into my photography, and have super limited experience of photographing interiors, so sorry for the ropey photos, hopefully ill improve in time! Talking of photos, photos on here are either from my trusty N95 phone, or from my Canon 20D SLR.

A little history I hear you cry? Well, I moved into Number 11 in May this year, so I’ve been there four months now. It’s a little terrace house, who was built in 1890 and was originally used to house miners who worked in the nearby colliery. It has a floor area of 60m2 (560ft2 in old money) has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a lounge diner and a garden.

The house as I bought it needed work, nothing major, but just tidying up. Obviously I wanted/want to decorate all of the rooms and hallways and landing. I’ve gone for a cosy/contemporary/Scandinavian look throughout the whole house and have gambled on certain things paying off in terms of design, not all of them working! I cant claim all credit for design touches in the house, luckily my partner, Vickie, is a dab hand at knowing what looks good and what doesn’t, so we sort of make a good team with all things decorating!

I had no clue how to even wire in a new light when I moved in, so it has been a MASSIVE learning curve for me so far, I’m getting good now, I can install all manner of things and can build and erect (ooo eerrr) everything and anything, well almost everything, we shall leave putting down new flooring for the minute.

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with loads of info, but please keep checking back and please comment on stuff, even if its things I can improve, that would be most ace, as this whole interior designing thing is new to me!

Hopefully ill migrate this blog onto a non freebee one if i actually put the effort in to plug away at it...any encouragement would be great!

Here is my little street, my house is the second door on the left :)

Lounge/dining room, the day after i'd moved in, note the carnage and general untidyness, it was hell!

The kitchen, drab, dirty and unloved, no baking of cakes quite yet! :)

I didnt even bother to take photos of upstairs as soon as i moved in, i dont know why, i dont think i wanted to record the carnage that was lurking up there!

So that's how it was when i moved in, didnt take long though to start the long and hard work to get it looking nice an lovely.

Also, i'm sorry the layout is a bit all over the place with this post, i'm finding it disturbing that i have uneven line breaks everywhere etc, its the graphic designer in me, it could be worse, it could have defaulted to Comic Sans MS! HELP!